Monday, August 8, 2011

Finger Foods!

A few weeks ago your grandma picked up some baby food and brought it over. She also picked up some yogurt bites and puffs too. She sat you in your high chair, put the yogurt bites and puffs on your tray, you picked them up and put them in your mouth. I was so surprised because I had no idea that you could do that! Your grandma said they had started to give them to you at daycare and you love them!!

You love sitting in your high chair, with your big girl food & watch TV.. esp your new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. I had to say your name a million times just so you could look up at me.

It's fun to watch you eat. You pick them up good but when you put them in your mouth you kind of open your hand. It's hard to describe but it's so funny.

I remember you holding your own bottle was hard to believe, and now your feeding yourself. :(