Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cole & Emma's Birthday Party!

Hey baby girl. Mommy has been slackin' on writing to you. I try to spend every minute that I'm not at work with you so that's mainly why I haven't been updating so much. Plus, you are a little mobile now so I'm chasing after you. This week you started army crawling everywhere, into everything! But you are SO close to crawling!!! Right now as I type this you are scooting your way across the floor to get Daddy's cell phone. 

Like I've said a million times before writing to you I want to be able to remember everything that we do as you grow up. Writing to you is probably the only way I'll remember EVERYTHING. It's crazy that I can't remember stuff from last week. Thankfully I love taking pictures so that helps with remembering what we do. So I'm going to write to you from the pictures that I have and probably do separate posts on them.

On July 30th we went to your second cousins Cole & Emma's birthday party. It was just me and you that day because your daddy was out of town and your grandparents were at the Greenbrier Classic which I was very jealous about. They got tickets to see Keith Urban, and they've never even heard his music before :( Anyways, we headed to their birthday party over in Belpre. You were SO good the whole time. It also looked like Cole and Emma had a great birthday.

During the whole party you just sat quietly and played with a toy gun. It was funny seeing you play with it.

After the birthday we went home and passed out at your grandparents house. I was too afraid to stay alone at our house in Belleville by ourselves. But we were both so tired from the party! I was so proud on how good you were the whole day! Thanks baby girl. ♥ 

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