Sunday, July 17, 2011

Softball & Shopping

Dear Baby,

You are passed out asleep right now beside me and your daddy. You are still wearing your cherry dress that you've had on all day. That's how tired you are! 

You stayed the night with your grandparents last night. Before you headed there I went to see you for a little bit at daycare. You were in such a good mood! I waited for your daddy to get there and we headed off to The Dugout. We were BOTH playing in the softball games that night. Yeah, it was mommy's first time playing ... EVER! The team needed another girl to play so I stepped in to help my team out. I'm kind of glad I did.

The first game was cancelled because the other team never showed up. { Mommy was kind of glad } But the second team did show up. Everyone told me I should play catcher.. so I did. I've never used a glove before, never caught a ball.. anything. But I figured, why not? It actually wasn't too bad. I didn't really catch any of the balls. Just let them roll by me & I would just pick them up and throw em back. { Oh yeah, this wasn't a serious game at all. My work just plays for fun and most of the other teams we play are the same way } THEN it was time to bat. I struck out the first time ONLY because I didn't know you didn't have to swing at all of them. The next times I was at bat I hit the ball!!! First time I got out, second time I made it to first! I waited there until the next guy hit the ball. He hit and I took off running. I heard someone telling me to keep running so I did. I made it past third and someone tagged me out as soon as I made it home :(

As I was walking by the umpire he whispered to me, "Hey you might want to touch the bases next time your on the field". OOOPS! I didn't even realize that I didn't touch any of the bases while I was running. I'm hoping not too many people saw that one.

We ended up loosing the game by 1. But I had a lot of fun. After the game we headed out with a few of the teammates. It was a lot of fun. Your daddy and I don't get to go out anymore and really don't have many friends to hang out with so it was nice to get out of the house and hang out with people. Hopefully we'll be able to do it more often. 

We did miss you though! We talked about you the whole way home! If mommy plays again I'll have you come so you can watch mommy and cheer for me! You've already tried on my softball shirt ...

I was laughing so hard when we had this on you. It was laying on the couch and you started to just play with it and put it on your head. So we decided to put it on you. It was So funny. But you do look beautiful in mommy's shirt!

Your daddy and I woke up this morning and went to your grandparents house first thing to see you!! Your great grandma and great aunt were there. So we ended up going to Wal Mart with them. And that's when our day of shopping started.

After Wal Mart we went home and dropped your daddy off so he could back home. { your daddy knew we were going to be gone all day shopping, he wanted no part of that } We went to some yard sales and TJ Maxx. We got you this Peek A Boo book that you love SO much. After TJ Maxx we went to Gabes, Kohls and last stop to get my nails done. Your grandma and I decided to get the gel nails. I bite my nails off so much so I barely had anything to pain so hopefully this will allow me to stop biting so they can grow. Your grandma has long nails so they look really pretty on her. You were good there. Just sat and watched. The place we got them done at is called Sophia's Nail Spa :)

We came home and were so tired. You watched some Baby Einsteins had a bottle and passed out. I'm about to pass out right beside you while your daddy watches baseball. I'm sure we'll end up in the bedroom, and you'll get to sleep in your crib. I'll try and write to you again tomorrow. 

                       Love always,

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