Sunday, July 10, 2011

First night ...

sleeping in your crib.

Mommy finally put you in your crib tonight. You've been sleeping with me since I finished school & was with you every night. I know that sleeping in bed with parents is bad but I felt so much safer with you beside me. Plus, I loved cuddling with you and watching you sleep.

But it's time you start sleeping in your crib. It's been at your grandparents house in the room they had there. You have slept in it before, but only for a 20 minute nap. The past few nights you've been moving around a lot & wake up cranky. I think it's because I'm in the way and you want your own freedom to sleep. So I decided to bring the crib to our house.

It was sad to have to put you in your crib tonight but guess what?!... The crib is in our room!! You may think I'm crazy BUT there was NO way I was putting your crib in your room that's on the other side of the house. Plus, there are 3 entrances to the house all near your room. I'm too paranoid. I'll sleep SO much better knowing I can hear you and easily see you. So your crib is in our room. 

I think your daddy is a little happy too about the change. You were sleeping in between us for the longest time. You've been sleeping for about 2 hrs now and I think you like it. You've moved around a little but haven't woke up. I'll probably continue to check on your through out the night but I hope you sleep perfect baby girl. Mommy is going to miss you for the night 

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