Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Baby!

Today's been a lot of fun. You were in such a good mood ALL day! We woke up around 7:30am this morning & watched your cartoons: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You LOVE these shows. 

We pretty much just played all morning. You are starting to crawl backwards and are able to make a circle on your stomach. In a way you are kind of crawling. Either way you are getting into stuff. I had to take a magazine from you today, a notebook, the remote controls, and a hand weight that you actually were lifting up. It looked so funny.

You are also saying MaMa now! It's so beautiful to hear you say that. I don't know if you are actually saying it to me or know what it means BUT in a way I think you do. You will lift your arms and say MaMa to me  I love it! & I love everything that we did today. I don't know what it was because I love spending every day and minute with you but today was just so fun. We were laughing SO much. It was perfect. Exactly how I pictured the 3 of us living together.

Later in the evening your grandparents came over. I put a new outfit on you that I bought the other day. You already have so many outfits but I fell in love with this one and HAD to buy it. I want you to wear it again for some more pictures. It comes with a hat but you won't let me put anything on your head anymore. Bye bye hair bows :( You just sat on the floor, in your new outfit, and played and watched us. While we watched you! & here's a bunch of pictures :)

After everyone spoiling you, your grandparents left. We then headed to Wal Mart to buy some groceries. Your daddy and I bought a bunch of fruit and healthy food. We're on a heal kick now. We'll see how long this last. 

After Wal Mart we headed back home and that's when the craziness started. I sat you down and fed you your cereal and you were just crazy! Making the loudest noises, farting noises, giving me raspberries, pulling yourself up .. just craziness. I've never seen you that hyper. But it was so fun. You had your daddy & I laughing so much. 

Here's a video of you & your daddy playing. It might be a little blurry.

You finally calmed down and your Aunt Corina came over! Then your grandparents came back over to see Corina. You were carried by all of them and at the end of the night your grandpa took outside to "catch lightning bugs". As soon as you two came in you were passed out & you've been asleep since. You are sleeping in the crib and your daddy, Corina and I are watching a movie { well kind of, I'd rather write to you .. they are watching a scary movie } I keep checking on you. I get so nervous still with you in another room. I'm kind of attached to you. Your mommy's little baby, how can I not be?

Well baby girl I'm going to call it night and watch a little bit of this scary movie. Honestly I'm sleepy and might just fall asleep during the movie { like I always do }. Mommy has to be up early for work :( I'll try and write to you tomorrow. Hope your sleeping good in the other room. I'm going to check on you as soon as I'm done with this. Love you always 

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