Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bye bye 8 months

I can not believe that tomorrow you will be 9 months!! The months are flying by and before we know it you'll be one! But like I said before I've enjoyed the past 8 MONTHS with you.

This month is when mommy started her new job so you started going back to daycare. I love the weekends so much now that I'm working because that gives me two WHOLE days with you. And every evening I try to spend as much time as I can with you.

I'm sitting here trying to remember everything that you've done this month. It's crazy how easily I can forget somethings. That's why I want to write to you as much as I can on here.

At eight months you learned to scream .. really loud. Sometimes you'll just sit on your mat on the floor and just squeel. You also laugh so much more. Sometimes you'll laugh when I laugh. I love it! You also started to say MaMa!!! That's probably my favorite that's happened this month. ♥ 

This month you got your first tooth. And then almost a week and a half later you got your second!! I FINALLY got a picture of them.

The struggle I had to go through just to get that picture. You never want me to look at your teeth. But when you smile now you can see them. My toothless grin has teeth now :( The other day your grandma was getting something out of your mouth and you bit down and bit her. She said "Ouch, she can bite now" It was funny!

You started sleeping in your crib this month too. You are doing great in there. You actually sleep through out the whole night in there. I miss cuddling with you but it is so much safer. And now that your moving a lot more I don't want you getting hurt. We will cuddle on the couch for like an hr before it's time for you to go in your bed. 

Speaking of moving. You move SO much now. You are actually REAL close to crawling. You do some kind of crawl, but it's backwards. But I guess whatever gets you to where your going. You also will lay on your belly and spin all the way around. The last day you were 8 months you actually were in the crawling position and going back and forth. I read and heard from other moms that most babies do that before they start crawling. So I'm sure I'll be seeing you crawl in the next week or two. I just really hope you crawl at home with your mommy and daddy instead of at daycare.

Sophia, I can't believe you are about to be 9 months! In just 3 more months you will be a year old!! I'm going to have to start planning your first birthday soon. Ahh, a year old just sounds so old. Where'd did my tiny 6lb baby go? Now I feel like you weigh 25 pounds. Oh yeah did I mention you eat SO much?! 

You are looking back at me right now clapping your hands and smiling. Oh I love that smile, even if there are two teeth in it. You are so loving Sophia. Even to strangers. You will smile at anyone. I hope you stay that way forever. Mommy is going to quit writing so I can start getting ready to work {I had to finish writing this on your 9 month because my computer was SO slow last night} I will see you right after. We will take your 9 month pictures and I will love on you all evening. I love you my sweet baby girl ♥ 

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