Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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As you can see I am finally back to blogging. I  missed it so much but have enjoyed catching up on all of my favorite blogs & also finding a lot of new ones. Yesterday I spent the day entering giveaways {I'm obsessed with giveaways by the way} & looking for some new blogs to follow and I came across Emily @ Ember Grey! I'm glad that I did because I love her blog AND her most recent post was a link up called A Gratetful Heart Link Up. A Grateful heart is a weeklong link up that begins Monday where you share what you are grateful for. 

Right after I delivered Jax I went into a really weird funk. I'm guessing it was post partum depression but I was literally unhappy about everything. I didn't leave the house for weeks & I cried a lot for no reason. I know that it is completely normal but I hated that I was acting this way.  Whenever I started to get upset/unhappy I kept reminding myself how lucky I really was to have everything (and more) that I need + want in my life. I have SO many things to be grateful for. Plus, I just had a beautiful, healthy baby - no reason to be upset at all. I slowly started to feel better & now at week six post partum I am finally out of that mood. 

After seeing Emily's link up I decided that each week I will be joining because there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and I need to continue to stay positive! No more depressed Josie! 

// This week I am grateful for friends. I seriously have the best friends and I know everyone will say this BUT really I do. During my pregnancy and after Jax was born my friends took care of me so much. I didn't even need to ask. They were always checking up on me, offering help, bringing me food and even cleaned my house! I am forever thankful for each and every one of them!

I am also thankful for my friends who don't have children yet who spoil & love on mine like their own. This weekend the babies & I met up with a group of my friends for lunch. Jax slept the entire time but Sophia had so much fun. My friends held Sophia, took pictures with her (Sophia loves pictures) & even danced in the middle of Panera with her. Sophia couldn't stop talking about our lunch date that day. Here are a few pictures that I stole from my their Instagram accounts {quality is a little grainy}.

What are you grateful for? Head on over to Emily's blog by clicking the image below & join!

\Ember Grey's Grateful Heart Linkup

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  1. Josie!! I am SO happy you linked up - this is my most favorite way to meet new bloggers. This post warms my heart - I don't have babies yet but all of my best friends do and I know that I love all of their kids so, so much! I look forward to getting to know you better via blogland :) :) Have a great rest of the week! xo