Tuesday, February 18, 2014


One of my friends started Whole 30 & has been posting her meals on Instagram AND now I want to do it. All her meals look so delicious and she swears she feels SO much better. She said she has a lot of energy & that is one thing I need more of. 

I started pinning lots of different meals on Pinterest. I think I can do it but I know it's going to be very hard not to eat dairy & bread. 

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I am planning on starting it next week. That'll give me plenty of time this week to plan out some meals and read more into it. I have read where women have lost weight & even toned up just by eating whole, without working out! I am still trying to work out as much as I can to get toned up by summer so maybe doing both will get me to my goal.

I also started another round of A Little Too Fluffy! I really enjoyed doing the first one (even though I slacked off at the end) BUT my friend Megan and I are going to do it together this time and I am not going to stop. 

Have you tried Whole 30? If so, what were your favorite meals? I'm looking for meals that are very easy bc of my work schedule.