Thursday, February 13, 2014


Last Sunday as we were leaving Cracker Barrel one of the workers asked if I would like to try some Apple Crisp. I immediately said yes because apple crisp has ALWAYS been one of my favorites! I took a bite & it was delicious! She explained that it came in a gift set and all I really had to do was add water. 

I went right over to Gary & asked if I could buy some and he said sure. I also asked if I could buy a new iron skillet to make this apple crisp in and he said sure to that too. I don't know why I always ask but he really doesn't care what I buy, even if we don't need it.

I took the mix home & made it while the Super Bowl was on. It smelled just as amazing as it looked. 

So the reason of this post is to recommend this delicious apple crisp mix. It's super easy & tastes delicious!

I didn't take a picture of the mix set but it looks just like this one:

& how perfect does the apple crisp look with my new iron skillet?