Monday, February 17, 2014


And ... there's more snow! These pictures are from a couple of weekends ago. We got SO much snow that I actually got a snow day off from work! I'd say we got about 10-12 inches that day. It was so nice bc the snow was perfect to play in. Sophia got to sleigh ride for the first time and I got to play like I was a little kid for the first in a very long.

But now ... I'm getting a little tired of the snow. It even snowed a little bit again this weekend & today. I can handle maybe two weeks of snow and then I'm over it. I want summer ... bad. I feel like every year when I get tired of the snow and winter I get a little depressed. I swear I have seasonal depression. But I can't see myself living anywhere else but West Virginia so I'll just have to deal with my seasonal depression and count down the days until summer. 


  1. I can honestly say I'm sick of the snow. lol I want it to be spring already. Sophia is so adorable.

    1. Only like 30 days until Spring! We're Spanish girls, what are we doing living somewhere where it snows?! Haha

  2. Your little girl is so adorable!! I've got to admit that the snow is one thing that I do not miss about living in West Virginia!