Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hope everyone had a good NYE & New Years Day! I had to work NYE but after work I ended up spending the evening with Sophia. We watched TV and took a quick nap until it was time to get ready for the night. We decided to head over to one of our neighbor's house to grab some food. After that we met my parents at a lil party at one of our favorite restaurants. The music was real loud and Sophia was getting tired so we didn't stay too long. We made it home just in time to watch the ball drop.

Sophia was my New Year's kiss. I ran her around the room to kiss Gary and Butch and she thought it was so funny. She asked me to do it again so we played out the ball dropping again .. and again. After all the kisses Sophia and I eventually passed out.

We were very lazy on New Years Day. I didn't have to work so I had all these plans to clean and organize/take down Christmas decorations. I didn't get to any of it. Instead Sophia and I laid around the WHOLE DAY in our pajamas watching TV. It was very relaxing and I needed it. Hopefully the rest of the year can feel more relaxed than last year.

How'd you spend your New Year's? 

❤ ❤