Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here in West Virginia you are going to see this sign everywhere. Hitting a deer has been one of my biggest fears ever since I started driving on my own. I have come VERY close to hitting one numerous times but somehow got lucky because someone hitting a deer happens a lot. I know that sounds crazy but they are just everywhere.

Well, poor Gary {and our car} hit a deer on his way to work this morning. He's fine but the car isn't. He drives an hour to and from work each day on an interstate that is the worst when it comes to deer. This is the same interstate that I drove on every weekend when I'd come home from college. I drove so careful on it and tried to avoid driving at night as much as possible. You can't even get cell phone service for a long time on this interstate if that tells you anything. My doctor even advised me not to travel on it after I hit 30+ weeks pregnant because he didn't want me going into labor alone without any help. 

Unfortunately, Gary HAS to drive it everyday and I just knew that it would happen. I wasn't hoping it would happen but when your driving on an interstate like that here in WV, it's going to happen ... if that makes sense. 

Gary has been living in WV for almost five years so I think he did pretty good going that long without hitting one. Never hitting one would have been great but it happens.

I was terrified when he called me at work. First thing I asked was if he was ok. Then I asked about the deer before asking about the car. I've always liked deer for some reason and I get so sad when this happens. I wish they were smarter.

The car is going to need some work but it still runs. I'm just so glad Gary is ok. I know this post is everywhere but I wanted to get on here and document our first time and hopefully last time of one of us hitting a deer.

RIP Deer.  


  1. Oh my goodness!! How scary! =( I'm glad everyone is ok though.

  2. Yep. I know this all too well. Although funny thing is, the first time I was in a car that hit a deer I was in PA, lol! ;)

    You live in WV too?? What part? I grew up here, moved to Columbus, OH for 8 1/2 years and just moved back a little over a year ago. I always love connecting with other local bloggers.

    Following you now from the GYB hop- I was a co-host too! :)