Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Quick Update & Giving Credit

What a long week. Sophia ended up catching whatever was going around at daycare and she was sick most of the week. She kept having a fever that would come and go and her poor little nose just ran the whole time. At daycare and during the day she was fine (as you can see in the picture above with her silly faces and crazy hair) but she was miserable as soon as she went to sleep at night. So we had a few sleepless nights this week. I did nothing after work. I didn't clean, I didn't blog, didn't work out .. just laid on the couch with my sick baby. 

And I am thankful to have these moments with Sophia. Even if she's cranky and I've barely slept, I'm still thankful to have her here with me. I am everyday. But especially today. 
Thoughts & prayers to those affected by the elementary school shooting today.  


I did catch up on reading a lot of the blogs I follow and also entered a ton of giveaways that I'm happy to say I have won a few! I LOVE ENTERING GIVEAWAYS! 

I also came across a blog that has almost the same blog design as mine, just different colors. I know that this happens a lot and I honestly don't mind at all but I just don't want anyone to think that I'm copying from someone else, because I'm not. I spent hrs online looking at graphics for sale and found this floral one and loved it. I then changed my blog design about a month ago (I only know this because I uploaded a picture of the new blog design on Instagram.)

 I know that because this graphic is for sale there is a chance that I will see it other places. I just hope that if it's being used on other websites/blogs, that it's been purchased from the person who made it. I did not make it so I want to give credit to her (which I should've done in the first place) and share her website. She is amazing and I plan on purchasing more graphics from her. 

I bought the Dainty Frames II Set that you can fine here.
Click here to visit her shop, The Ink Nest & here for her blog.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. 

❤ ❤ 


  1. Sophia is beautiful! I'm a new follower :)
    Thanks for stopping by the Friday Chaos this week.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)

  3. Happy Holidays. Visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop! Please visit my blog & follow if you haven't already. :)


  4. She looks so cute and I’d love to give her a hug.

  5. HI there!!! I came across your blog and love it:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!! I have become your newest follower!!! I'm Hanna and you can find me anytime at

  6. You both are so lucky to have a girl like Sophia, she look so pretty and I’d like to watch more photos of her.

  7. She’s looks like an angel in this dress and most of the times pink color suits well for girls and it makes them look prettier.