Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sophia's 2nd Birthday

On October 20th Sophia turned two years old and we had her Birthday party the same day.

We had a really good time even though Soph and I were feeling a lil sick. AND my contacts were messing with my eyes SO bad. I spent most of Sophia's birthday party running to the bathroom trying to make my eyes stop hurting/watering. Not gonna lie .. it was miserable.

BUT Sophia had a great time with all her friends there. She was a little stuffed up and her eyes were all puffy and watery from being sick but she still looked so cute.

We woke up and went to have breakfast at Cracker Barrell with Gary, Butch and Stephanie. It was delicious. We ran around and picked up a few things and headed to her birthday party.

I had her birthday party upstairs above my parents restaurant and daycare. There is a room that is connected to a huge wrestling room. Basically a room with a huge mat which was perfect for the kids to just run. I just threw some balloons and balls in the room and the kids just played and played.

The party was apple themed so I made sure it looked farm-ish with a lot of apples. I waited until last minute to do a lot of the shopping and party planning but it went ok. Party planning is exhausting and kind of pricey.

Because I was so busy trying to visit with everyone {& take care of my eyes} I didn't get many pictures at all. I wish I would have taken some before everyone came in but I was running around like a crazy woman before it started. I did take some pictures but the lighting wasn't the greatest there.

It's still so crazy to me that Sophia is two years old. I say this every year but it just seems impossible. But it's been a fun two years & I'm excited for this next year!

There was a lot more pictures but the lighting was bad and I had a guy taking the pictures, so most of them were out of focus. I'm glad we have the ones we have but I wish there were more. Oh & please excuse my squinty eyes in the last picture. My contacts got so bad that I had them out by the end of the party. We were such a mess.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet party! And Sophia is positively adorable.

  2. Returning your follow through the hop! I love your style! You have a beautiful family, excited to search around your blog some more! Happy Birthday to your little beauty!

    ~Elisabeth@The Beekeeper's Granddaughter