Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I wanted a change ..

... so I got bangs. 
& I like them. 

Saturday morning started out terrible so I left to get my nails done. It was one of my first times leaving the house without Sophia (besides going to work). I guess it was really my first time in months just leaving to do something for me. I needed it ... bad.

I go and get my nails done which was relaxing bc I enjoy talking with the girl who does them. We are both the same age and both moms to toddlers the same age so we have A LOT to talk about. 

We were both talking about how we're just in a bleh mood about how we look. I honestly have been lacking on even getting myself ready. I'll shower, do my hair somewhat and just throw clothes on. I never spend as much time as I used to getting ready. 

And don't get me wrong, I don't hate what I look like, just don't feel as .. I guess comfortable with myself anymore. I find myself just looking in the mirror and just feeling bleh, like as much time as I do spend getting ready, I don't feel any different.. or look any different.

Soo I decided at my nail appointment that I would go and do something .. anything to change how I look. Even if it was just getting my eye brows & mustache waxed. And maybe buy a new outfit. Whatever it was.. I didn't have Sophia with me so I was going to take all the time I wanted & needed.

I call my mom, who was getting her hair done, and asked if the woman had an opening to do my eye brows real quick. Luckily, she did so I stopped in and got the brows done. I look in the mirror and I'm starting to feel a lil better. 

I ask her if I can make a hair appointment to get a cut and color, just something different. As she's setting the appointment up I show her a picture of a random girl I found online with bangs. She looks at me and says, "I have time right now to cut the bangs, want them?" I sat down right away and she cut them.

I've had bangs before and hated them but I ended up really liking these. It's def a change and something different .. exactly what I was wanting. And just with something that simple ... I felt better. 

I'm sure I'll feel even more better after the cut/trim and color that I'm def excited for. Now I just need to get back into the gym and maybe spend a lil more time getting myself ready, then hopefully I'll start feeling better and more like myself.

Ah, and I even feel better just typing out this super random post. 

I just need to get out of this lazy/bleh mood I'm in. I'm just so exhausted anymore with keeping up with work, Soph and everything going on at home.

If anyone has any ideas for more energy, motivation, work out schedules and even a cute hair style you have found send them my way bc this momma needs it.

& thanks to anyone who read this ... it was a much needed vent session, ha. 


  1. You look great and yes i know the feeling...i cut my bangs 2 years ago and loved them but now im in desperate need of getting my hair done (that always pulls me out of a funk) ......I also spent $100 at the MAC store on new makeup and ...girl did i feel tons better....now to get a few new outfits and I will be a new woman :)

  2. Aw we've all been there, especially once there are toddlers around. It is so important to take that "me" time. I'm actually getting my hair cut soon too. With the cancer treatments it's been so thin and blah. I hate it so I figure spending 50 or more will be worth it. I can't get the link to post here but on my pinterest under my "hairy" board is a pic of Carrie underwood I'm taking into a stylist. I'm not going blonde but I'm getting the bangs and layers like that. Anyway I hope you continue to feel better! I'm a hypocrit saying this but healthy snacks will make a big difference (this as I'm drinking a coke- oops) in how you feel throughout the day

  3. I love bangs! I work in a hair slaon, so I do a lot of different things with ym hair, but one day I wanted bangs and got them cut on a whim..and I haven't turned back.. i do however go back and fourth between side bangs and regular bangs..but thats just fun

  4. Bangs looks awesome! I totally understand where your coming from I'm feeling the same way for some reason I am breaking out now something that has never happen to me! I feel disgusting and fat I have been gaining weight. I try speaking with my sister about how I feel and look that always helps! If you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here! :)

  5. You look so lovely and change is always good. I have a toddler too so I totally get it. Good for you for taking care of yourself. The best thing for your daughter is a happy momma!