Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Lil Indian - Halloween 2012

This Halloween Sophia was a little Indian.

I ended up making her costume last minute bc I'm a huge procrastinator but I think it turned out pretty cute. After about 10 minutes of wearing Sophia had the fringes torn off and the feathers out of her head band but she still pulled off the Indian look.

Our trick or treat night was pushed to November 1st bc of the weather thanks to hurricane Sandy, but there was no rain and it was a lil warmer. 

Last year Sophia had just turned a year old so she really didn't get into the Halloween thing. She was still a baby to me and wasn't even walking yet so I pictured this Halloween being so much fun with Sophia. I pictured her running to each house saying trick or treat & just enjoying the night.

Well, I got Sophia dressed up and she was smiling and all happy. I had her practice saying trick or treat and everything. We walk out the door and one of my neighbors had this scary mask on and he yells, "Hi Sophia!" ... really? Sophia lost it, she ran to me yelling "hold me, hold me.. scary!"

She didn't want anything to do with trick or treat after this. We went to about 4 houses and decided to just go home. She kept seeing all the little kids in masks and just freaking out. Gary and I had to take turns carrying her. Not what I pictured at all. I'm hoping she enjoys it next year.

We tried getting some pictures but she freaked out when I wasn't holding her so she looks terrified in all of the pictures.

{Gary is not a big fan of pictures so he's making this face on purpose}

After we got a few pictures I took Sophia to my parents restaurant so they could see her dressed up. She was so happy here .. no scary masks there.

 Even though Sophia didn't enjoy trick or treat, we still had a good holiday! Hope everyone had a good Halloween! It's so crazy that's it's already November & that I keep forgetting to update this thing. I know I am going to regret not updating as much as I used to so I am going to do everything I can to get on here even if it's a quick post. So I'm back guys :)


  1. Bless her little heart! I hate that the scary masks scared her. She looked adorable though. I love her outfit. You did a good job Momma!

  2. Aw poor Sophia! She sure did look scare!!! But she looked adorable good job on her costume ;)