Thursday, February 24, 2011



I am going to use this blog to write to you as much as I can. I started a diary for you when I was pregnant but like this blog I have been horrible at keeping up with it. Hopefully this time I can be better at it. You are asleep right now beside me. Sleeping like a big girl with her arms spread everywhere. You are getting so big! I can't believe it. You are mommy's 4 month old baby. Beautiful 4 month old. I stare at you for the longest times. I can't believe how beautiful you are! .. you just smiled in your sleep. Your always smiling now. I love it. Your also making noises too... and YOU love it. Always trying to make loud noises, I think somebody loves their voice. Hopefully you'll be a talker.. especially to your mommy :) I can't wait to hear you talk to me ... but you can stay mommy's baby for now. Mommy had an easy week at school this week. Didn't have much homework to do, just went to class and came home and slept. Always missing you though. You know I look at pictures of you everyday to help me get through the week. Leaving you for those three days is the hardest thing for me to do right now Sophia. Mommy misses you SO much when I'm in Morgantown. Your daddy too. We text each other all day just talking about you. & your grandma sends us pictures of you! Your grandparents are doing a great job of being your "second" parents and they are really helping your mommy and daddy. Just 2 more months and we will be all together. And your parents will have college degrees!!! All for you Sophia! I am so thankful for you Sophia. Everyday I am, but tonight especially... I just got done reading a blog about a women whose baby passed away and it made me so thankful for every day I've had and will have with you! Life is so precious Sophia, & everyday moment with you has made me realize it more and more. Since the day I decided to keep you and feel you kick my meaning and view of life changed so much, and has continued to change. My belief in God has especially gotten stronger! He gave me you and I thank him everyday. I know you were a surprise to all of us baby girl but God gave me my little Sophia for a reason :) ** It was hard, & still is... but I wouldn't change a thing! Guess what?! It's just me and you this weekend!! Your daddy is in Myrtle Beach for the weekend playing baseball. I told him to make some home runs for his girls. I'll take you to some of his games when it gets warmer out. I don't want you getting sick anymore. He'll be here on Sunday to see you though. He goes to Florida for a week next week so he wants to see you! Your starting to wake up, so I'm going to have to stop here. Mommy loves you!

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