Monday, February 28, 2011

missing you ..

soo I think mommy has become addicted to blogging. all day today i couldn't wait to get home to just type. or maybe it's because it's the only way i can talk to you right now, especially when we're apart. it was really hard to leave you this morning. i even stayed later & was late for class. you had your four month check up today. i was so sad that i couldn't be there for you when you got your shots. hopefully they didn't hurt too bad. your grandma said you didn't cry much. but you now weigh 15lbs and you are 25.5 inches long!! your growing so much!! but i hope you've been having a good day. i know your happy now because your daddy is with you. he drove after class to spend the evening with you because he couldn't make it last night. im sad i can't be there with the both of you. i haven't seen your daddy in a week & we've barely talked because of baseball. but i guess you two need father/daughter time. my day hasn't been too bad, still upset about last time & leaving you. i went to class late and then came back here for a quick lunch then headed to the hospital to get an interview with a doctor for my news story for this week. right in the middle of my day your grandma sent me a picture of you ..

look at you sitting in a high chair like a big girl! your too cute. getting pics of you through the day make me so happy. i just look at it for the longest time & smile. people probably think i'm crazy. i've been looking at pictures of you all day, like always. you make the funniest faces sometimes. ohh & i learned something new about you this week, you LOVE to be naked. i took a video of you while we were in the middle of changing you and you just kicked and moved like crazy when you had all your clothes off. 

look how beautiful you are. i still think you look just like your daddy. i'll have to upload that video of you having fun naked later. it's so funny. your girl parts show so ill have to try and figure out a way to hide it. mommy has a meeting tonight at 9 :( i wish we were cuddling right now. it's been such a perfect day to do just that.. rainy & cold. it thundered all last night and early this morning. you slept right through it all. wish i was like that, im still scared of them. but i'm going to relax for a little bit before my meeting tonight, i'm sure i'll write to you again before i go to sleep tonight. i'm going to post this video of you from this weekend. missing you lots baby girl

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