Sunday, February 27, 2011

forgot to write to you last night :(

mommy forgot to write to you last night :( i laid down to put you asleep & fell asleep too. it was pretty early, like 9pm. we didn't do too much yesterday. we went to wal mart with your great grandma. after that me, your grandma and grandpa went to lunch at rubis. you slept through everything though. the rest of the day we just laid around & watched tv. i took lots of pictures & videos of you. i'm going to try and get lots and lots. that's one thing i wish my parents did for me. it'll be fun to look back at. & mommy can watch them when im away from you during the week. i took a picture of the canvas we got made for you. it's hanging right in the middle of the living room. 

isn't that beautiful! it was hanging in michele coleman's studio but we had to take it :) when mommy & daddy get a house to ourselves it will def. be hanging in it. you were in such a good mood last night and sitting up so good! & i actually got your grandma to take a video of us. we never get stuff of just us two because i'm the only one that ever uses the camera lol here's a video of us last night. your mom & grandma are dorks...

once all the other videos load i'll put them on here. & add all the pictures. you slept really good last night. only woke up once around 3 and went right back to sleep after i burped you. i woke up around 9 this morning and you were still sleeping!! soo i laid there for a lil longer and couldn't go back to sleep, sooo i woke you up lol you looked so mad at me. the weather outside today was so beautiful so we went on a few walks. you loved it!! you got to sit like a big girl in your stroller too. i wish i would've taken some pictures. next time i will! then we went to the mall. i got my eye brows and lip waxed. hopefully when you get older you won't have to go through all that. but if you do, ill take care of it for you :) mommy got a really pretty bathing suite today at victoria secret. its gonna make work harder at working out. i can't wait to take you to the pools and beach this summer! and put you in little bikinis. we haven't done much since the mall. you just took a nap but of course your grandma woke you up, she hates when you sleep. she spoils you too much. i'm going to stop for now so i can work on an assignment that's due tonight. your daddy is on his way back from myrtle beach and says he's stopping to see us tonight. he won't get here until after midnight but he says he's still coming. he loves us. i may write to you again tonight to make up for last night. i love you! 

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