Tuesday, March 10, 2015


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On February 24th you turned F O U R months old!! I didn't take your picture on that day or week because you were fighting a very bad eczema flare up. It was so bad! Your poor little face was all red and swollen and I did not want to take a picture of you like that. The Doctor put you on a steroid and it's all clear and we are back to your beautiful baby face.

w e i g h t | at your doctors appointment last week you weighed 20 pounds & 7 ounces!! you are now wearing 9-12 month clothes and in a size 3 diaper. you are such a chunky little man but mommy loves all of it!

e a t s | we are now going on 4 months of just breastfeeding! you had some formula for your first few weeks but that was only because i was being a baby and nursing was just too painful at the time. i almost gave up but i am so so so happy i did not because i love breastfeeding. i think it's amazing that i have kept you alive by breastfeeding you and look at how big you are... just from breast milk! it's all so amazing to me! i plan on breastfeeding until you decide that you are done. and we will be introducing you to some food closer to when you turn 6 months (even though we did try some banana food with you a couple of weeks ago and you LOVED it).

s l e e p | at four months old you're sleeping schedule has been changing a little. we had a couple of nights last week where you were up almost all of the night but i think it may have been because of your eczema and medicine because this week hasn't been too bad. you start to get really sleepy around 8:30 so we head upstairs and lay in bed while i nurse to sleep. you will sleep until around 1-2AM and want to nurse again but then you go right back to sleep until 6:30-7AM and then you are up for the day. it's been a little harder now to get you to nap during the day. you fight it so much! but you are sleeping so much better than what your sister did so i can't complain at all. you are still sleeping with me in my bed and i don't mind one bit. i love co-sleeping!

l o v e s | you love your sock monkey blanket and pretending to stand. when you have you "stand" you just look around with the biggest smile on your face. you also love being naked or in your diaper. when i take your clothes off or change your diaper you just kick around all happy so i usually let you lay on my bed for a few minutes like that. you love sophia so much. when you first see her you smile SO big. you also love to to pull on her hair. you are starting to like tummy time more but i think it's because you can roll over when you are doing tummy time.

d i s l i k e s | you do not like it when you can't see me. you pretty much watch my every move and if i leave your sight, you cry! everyone says i have you spoiled but i say you just really love your mommy. also, if someone else is holding you they have to hold you to where you can see me. you don't like your car seat and usually scream in the car until you fall asleep.

m i l e s t  o n e s | at four months you are almost able to sit up on your own. you are drooling and sticking everything in your mouth but i know it's because you are teething. you are rolling over from your belly to your back and touching your toes like crazy! you are very ticklish and laugh (almost like a cackle) when you are tickled.

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and our little man each month! 

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