Friday, June 6, 2014


Last weekend we went strawberry picking at Stacy Family Farm. Sophia & I went to the same farm last year so she was really excited to go back. This time we made Gary go with us! I found the perfect strawberry dress at H&M while we were in VA Beach & I bought it just because I knew we would be going strawberry picking this summer. I put on her red hunter boots & we were ready to go.

We got there around noon and it was already close to 80 degrees! We stopped at the Dollar Store on our way and picked up a little red bucket for Sophia. As soon as we got there she ran out and started picking. There were a lot of perfect strawberries left. I was afraid that we waited too long to go but we got plenty! Sophia would pick one up and ask us "Is this a good one?" or she'd yell "Look at this one!" I don't ever remember going strawberry as a child so I plan on taking Sophia each year.

After about 30 minutes Sophia said she was done. I think she was getting too hot (I def. was). We paid for our strawberries & sat down on a bench & ate a few. They were SO good. And we certainly got a lot for us to last a while. I see lots of smoothies in the future.

If there is a strawberry farm close to you I highly suggest going! I think it's the perfect summer activity. Everything about strawberry picking just reminds me of summer. We'll have a little baby to join us in strawberry picking next year!
Now a ton of pictures from our day.


  1. she is just too cute! and that mustache strawberry! haha so good

  2. Strawberry picking is so fun! I like her outfit, how cute that she wore a strawberry dress to go strawberry picking!

  3. Looks like tots of fun. Sophia is lucky to have good parents like you. god bless you all.