Saturday, June 7, 2014


This pregnancy has me so exhausted. Monday - Thursday I work 10hr shifts & when I come home I have no energy to do anything. Nothing. I feel like all I have done is come home after work & lay on the couch and I hate that. I hate that I'm not up playing with Sophia. Especially now that it is summer & so pretty outside. 

Thursday, on my 25 min drive home, I thought a lot about it and made me real sad. Yes I'm working long shifts & yes I'm 19 weeks pregnant but that isn't Sophia's fault. She needs me especially after being away from me while I'm at work. This is her last summer as an only child. Her last summer with it just being the three of us. 

So on Thursday evening I made up my mind that I would not be lazy anymore. As tired as I am I will push through to have fun with Sophia. I can crash after or just be exhausted forever. As long as I'm there for Sophia and she's happy. I want us all to be happy. I also made up my mind that it is def. time to start documenting everything again and taking lots of pictures like I used to so this blog will be flooded with lots of pictures and posts. I miss blogging. And I know I will looking back at the last months.. maybe even year since I slacked on blogging. I haven't even documented this pregnancy!

When I got home Thursday after work I told Sophia we were going on a date. I changed out of my scrubs, let Sophia pick out her outfit, and we were out the door. Gary is on a football team & had practice yesterday so it was just me and Sophia.

We drove to Dairy Queen & let her pick out what she wanted. She wanted "Vanilla Ice Cream, waffle cone with...SPRINKLES!" We got out ice cream & headed to a nearby park that had a pond. We found a bench by the pond and just sat down & ate our ice cream. While we were eating we had some ducks visit us. Sophia thought it was hilarious and we ended up just giving the ducks our ice cream. 

We then headed to the playground area of the park. On our walk to the playground we found a patch of honey suckles. Sophia LOVES honey suckles. She calls them "Honel Suckies". 

There was a beach volley ball game going on beside of us. All the guys were shirtless and the girls were in tiny shorts. There was loud music playing. They were all probably my age & I just laughed. Here I was, the same age as them, with my unattractive maternity jeans on & my baby bump showing, chasing after my toddler on a playground. I thought about this while I was there & just smiled as I pushed Sophia on the swing. Even though the music was blaring and there were hundreds of cuss words being yelled from the volleyball players all I really could hear was Sophia's laughs and screams as she went down a "big slide". 

As we were leaving she asked if she could swing one more time. I put her on and pushed her and she just sang. I couldn't tell what song she was singing, didn't really sound like a song. Just her sining words. All I could do was smile. (I wanted to cry bc I'm so emotional but I figured I'd look crazy) But there we were. With all the chaos around us. Just happy in our own little world.

That was evening was perfect. And when I got home I felt little peanut moving around. I touched my belly & could feel it outside of my belly!! I yelled for Gary to come and feel & he finally got to feel the baby! Sophia did too. One more week until we find out what has been kicking me! We are so excited!


  1. I thin the Duck wanted Sophia's ice cream. You guys had an awesome time.

  2. Awww, that sounds like a great evening!!