Saturday, May 17, 2014

BABY #2!

I have not blogged in forever & the main reason is bc I've been exhausted with my pregnancy with baby #2! We are so excited & can't wait to meet our little baby in October!

Sophia is very excited too! She keeps asking about the baby and always kisses my belly! She says she wants a baby girl though! I'd love for her to have a little sister but I'd also love to have a little boy! We'll see! We find out the gender of the baby on June 13th. I will be 20 weeks!

This pregnancy has been completely opposite from my first with Sophia. I have been very exhausted & moody. I am working a full time job & taking care of a toddler so this may be why. 

I plan on updating my blog more though. I really miss blogging & want to be able to look back at my pregnancy & of course Sophia growing up! 


  1. Wow Congratulations, I am so happy for you and your family!! Such exciting news!

  2. I'm impressed about the first picture. It has the whole idea ant so beautiful. As always Sophia looks adorable. Congratulations...