Saturday, November 16, 2013


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I used to HATE mornings. I would literally moan and groan as I would get out of bed. I would wait until last minute to get up to get ready for work and that led me to be late for work almost everyday. Because I was in such a bad mood just to wake up it seemed like I made my day seem worst than it really was.

I needed a change. I needed to wake up early enough for me to be able to relax (not rush) before my day started. Well, about two weeks ago I started waking up around 4:30AM. Instead of moaning and groaning, I just wake up and head downstairs and start a cup of coffee. I turn on country music videos, or nothing at all, get cuddled up with a blanket and just sit ... and drink my coffee.

Just adding this simple routine each morning has made my days seem to go a lot better. I don't feel rushed or exhausted as I'm walking into work. And I get a little "me time" while everyone else in the house is sleeping. 

Now I'm the weird one saying mornings are my favorite time of the day. 

I found this quote on Pinterest & this is exactly how I feel in the mornings.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. Thanks for sharing Pinterest post, i liked it too very much.

  2. well, I am more like the old you lol. I like to get up at the very last second...I think bc as a mom when my day day starts and does not stop until my kiddos go to bed. However a few days a week I have been trying to get up with my husband before he goes to work...I am getting soooooo much done!

    4:30 am!! wow! Kuddos to you!!