Friday, November 1, 2013


Sophia and I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween. I laughed so hard when I looked at our unibrows. I wanted to skip out on it but my mom wanted us to do it SO bad so she drew them on us. We put our Spanish dresses on and added flowers in our hair and we headed outside to trick or treat. None of our neighbors knew who Frida Kahlo was. So we just looked like Spanish girls with unibrows to them. 

We didn't trick or treat for a very long time. It was cold and raining so we went to maybe 5 houses which was enough for Sophia. Last year it rained & was cold so I'm really hoping next year will not rain and just be perfect!

Sophia had a Little Bo Peep costume that she wore the night before to a Trunk or Treat that they had a church & I was just going to have her wear it again for Trick or Treat but I had bought two Spanish style dresses from Instagram and my mom kept insisting that we wear them. I think she just wanted us to wear them so she could see us walk around with a unibrow. 

I'm glad we did.  I just hope Sophia doesn't hate me when she gets older because I gave her a unibrow. I think she looks beautiful with one.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I hope to be back to blogging more ... I hope!


  1. ummmm i was an art major so i truly do love those comstumes!