Friday, September 6, 2013


My sweet little Sophia is now in Preschool! It is so hard to believe but I am so proud of my girl. She is attending a preschool class at a church close to our home. She goes Monday through Wednesday 9-1. Since I work all day my mom will be taking her and picking her up. 
 Her first day of Preschool was Sept. 3, 2013. 

We came home from VA Beach early that morning so it was a rush trying to get everything ready for her first day. I had to run to the grocery store to get some food for her lunch. I came home and quickly got her ready. I threw on this new dress that I recently bought at H&M and left to take Sophia to her first day with my mom. As we are walking in my mom tells me that my new dress is completely see through!!! I looked down & I could see my bright orange/pink panties!!! Here I am walking into a church full of children.... with a see through dress! I was so embarrassed and didn't even want to continue to her classroom. I was so nervous about my dress that dropping Sophia off was very quick and I only snapped a few pictures.

We got her signed in and put her stuff into her cubby and got her to her seat. She started coloring and I told Sophia I was leaving and started walking out the door and she looked at me with this look that I will never forget. She looked scared. And my heart just broke ... and I walked away. I am tearing up as I type this just remembering that look she gave me as I left. 

I took the day off work so I came home and immediately took my dress off and laid down so sad about leaving Sophia and just hoping she didn't cry. 

I ended up heading into town and dropping some coffee off at Gary's work & went to Wal Mart to pick up some little presents for Sophia for her first day of class. I then decided to stop by my great grandma's for a little before I had to pick Sophia back up.

Well ... I left my great grandma's home about 30 minutes before it was time to pick Sophia up and I get stuck in traffic! I ended up having to call my parents to pick Soph up because I was still stuck in traffic so  I didn't even get to pick her up on her first day! The whole day just didn't go as planned. 

I finally got home and Sophia was in a great mood! She said she liked preschool, Ms. Danielle (her teacher) & she ended up showing me everything she made at school.

Because I was so worried about my dress being see through and didn't get any pictures I decided to get some since she was in such a good mood. They all turned out great and I'm so glad they did. Even though the day didn't go as planned and I was a mess ... just looking at these pictures will make me forget and remind me of how happy Sophia was on her first day. 

I can't wait to see what she learns this year! 


  1. She looks really cute… it is a really big milestone of her life as well as yours. Wishing for a successful future…

  2. You are lucky mom
    You having such pretty angle