Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy FALL Sunday

I finally had time to get on here and mess around with the settings and add a new header. I decided to go with a pumpkin theme since it's already Fall. I have decided that Fall is now my favorite season of the year, it's beautiful. I found a Fall Bucket List print out on pinterest and printed it out and framed it.  I also found it on another blogger's site at Loves of Life. I def. want to do everything that is on the list. Here's what it looks like

We've kind of already did one thing on that list. And that was go to a pumpkin patch. We headed down to Butcher Family Farms with you all dressed up in your pumpkin outfit to take pictures for your pumpkin theme first birthday party. They didn't have all the pumpkins out but it was still so pretty there! I got to take lots of pictures and they all turned out so good. The two on the header were taken that day and the rest I want to save for your birthday party.

We have been so busy with you. You are so mobile now and we are chasing you around everywhere. It's a lot of work but it's fun. I'm going to have put your 10 month post up. I am so far behind on everything. I'm really going to start posting again. 

But you are napping and mommy has a lot of stuff to get done around the house. It's a mess! I'll try and post some more tonight because I def. have a lot of catching up to do. 

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