Thursday, April 29, 2010

Very Unproductive Day.

Soooo, I have done absolutely NOTHING all day today. & today was supposed to my day to do everything. i had no work or classes & now its 9 and all ive done was schedule my classes and some laundry, and the rest of the day has been filled with laying around, eating and tweeting/facebooking & anything else i could find on here. whats wrong with me? & i have work and class and so much schoolwork to do for next week and i wont do any of it this weekend :( now for baby update, nothing today.. didnt have any morning sickness. did wake up and my elbow was bleeding like crazy from an animal cracker. the only thing thats been diff is my craving for everything, im hungry all day. this baby loves eating and making me hungry lol but we're all watching a stephen king movie and im gonna try and do atleast something. gooodbyeee bloggg

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