Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Blog! :)

This is my first blog! :) thanks to Ciara I found a place, besides Twitter, to post just anything i want. i want to use this to blog about my pregnancy bc im too lazy to start a journal. hopefully the whole world can't read this, id like it to be just me. but i am 2 months pregnant and found on march 23rd. it's been a hard month and a half but now the whole family knows and im starting to accept it. the baby is going to be due in november 2010. i have my first appointment on may 3rd, that i am so scared for. i dont want to get my blood taken. but other than that, the whole pregnancy hasnt been too bad. once i get a chord to upload pics ill add a pic of my belly, i may try to add one everyday to see how fast i grow, right now im barely showing. anyways, schools almost over!! BUT bc of the pregnancy i have to take summer classes so the next two semesters will be easier. but only three more finals & im done! but no classes tomorrow, so im gonna relax, clean & maybe work on a paper thats due monday. we'll seeee! gooodnight<3>