Friday, November 6, 2015


 Ah! I'm finally getting on here and posting some pictures from Sophia + Jax's tribal themed birthday party a couple of weeks ago! We celebrated on Jax's actual birthday (October 24th) at our house. My plan was to have the party outside with a bonfire. The entire week before the party the weather looked amazing... then it decided to rain the entire day. So the party was moved inside and on our back porch. It was kind of hectic but everyone still had a lot of fun! 

My friend Megan did such an amazing job with the food and decorations. I didn't want to take any of it down after the party and honestly kept it up for a couple of days! Because it was inside and on the back porch the lighting wasn't the greatest but Megan's sister was so nice and took pictures for me so I could enjoy the party! There were 300+ pictures taken at the party but these are my favorites!Miss Sophia was so busy playing with her friends that she wouldn't even stop for a picture so that's why there seems to be more of Jax. I'm sure he'll be the same way in a couple of years!

 I'm so happy that everyone had fun and can not believe I have a FIVE and ONE year old now! I am so thankful to have such healthy beautiful babies AND for everyone who came and celebrated with us! 

Here's a photo dump of my favorite pictures:

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