Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Earlier this month I joined 74 other women on Instagram in a challenge called A Little Too Fluffy. It's a way of motivating each other to eat healthy/work out ... pretty much keep up with our New Years Resolutions.

I've never really dieted before bc I've stayed the same weight since highs school even after I had Sophia but within the last year I have gained about 15 pounds! I have noticed that I snack a lot more and I've hardly gone to the gym so this challenge was something I wanted to try.

It's only been two weeks but I have really enjoyed it! I haven't gone to the gym every day but I've been watching what I eat and trying not to snack all day. I have also cut out soda and sweet tea (I did have one soda at the movie theaters & one sweet tea when we went out to eat) BUT I'm not drinking them like I used to.

So far I have lost around 5 pound! If I could lose 5 more I'd be VERY happy! Then I want to work on toning up. Last summer I felt so uncomfortable in everything that I couldn't wait for Fall to get here so I could cover up in jeans in sweaters. I don't want to be like that this year. I want to feel comfortable and good and I know I will get there. 

Check out the #alittletoofluffy on Instagram to see what all the ladies have been doing & eating! I love getting idea & inspiration from there!