Friday, December 13, 2013


It's finally the weekend for me! I started working 4 10 hr shifts Monday - Thursday at my job so I could have Friday's off. I love having Friday off but I am so exhausted Thursday evening. Having a three day weekend every weekend makes up for it though.

The first few Fridays that I was off I enjoyed being home all day with Sophia. We played, watched movies, left the house for lunch and took naps. By the end of the day on Friday ... the house was a mess and I didn't get anything done. I also started to notice that Sophia wouldn't let me do anything but be with her so I really couldn't get anything done.

A friend of mine has a little girl that is a year older than Sophia. They were at the same daycare (my mom's daycare) since they were babies! She was in need of someone to watch her daughter on just Friday's. I know Sophia loves playing with me and I enjoy having time just me and her but I know she wants a friend to play with all day. And I also want to get things done. So, I offered to watch her.

Last Friday was my first day watching her and had SO much fun. I got to play with them but was also able to get some stuff done around the house while they played. We all ate lunch together, drank hot chocolate and watched a movie together. They also spent most of the day playing dress up.

I think it's going to be good for Sophia to have a friend over. I think they are both going to have so much fun. I just need to get them to nap together and that would be perfect!

I always say I want to be a stay at home mom. But just those few Fridays at home alone with Sophia was a little difficult. I know that it's something that I would eventually get used to and would have scheduled days I'm sure but I really don't know how all my stay at home mom friends do it. 

So this is what I will be doing on my Friday's. My new goal for Friday's now are trying to get a work out in at the gym before Sophia wakes and her friend comes over ... and not just Friday mornings ... every morning. I'm going to give up a few hours of sleep each morning but I guess I'll just add another cup of coffee to my day.

Have a good Friday everyone!