Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So I know I have been terrible at keeping my blog updated but I wanted to get on here & document that Sophia no longer wears diapers!! We are going on our third week of no diapers and she hasn't had any accidents! She isn't my baby anymore... wahh.

A few months ago I tried to potty train her and she just didn't want anything to do with it so I gave up. Well, a few weeks ago I had a three day weekend so I decided that would be the weekend I would potty train her. I basically had her running around naked and we didn't leave the house for three days ... and it worked! She had accidents the first couple of days but we haven't had any since. She is also sleeping throughout the night without any accidents! I am SO proud of my big girl!

I would like to share my tricks and how I did but I honestly think Sophia was just ready. I mean, I did buy her lil toys when she went a whole day without any accidents and I would cheer and do a crazy dance in the bathroom when she went but other than that.. it was all her.

A day or two before we started potty training her my dad kept her while I was at work and they spent the day in her pool. She didn't wear a diaper and my dad told her that if she peed in the pool he would have to take it back to the store & she told him each time she needed to go. I think that helped a lot.

But other than that we have been enjoying the beginning of summery by spending lots of time in her swimming pool. I plan on getting back into blogging .. for real this time! I already have a post scheduled to post each day this week! I have def missed it. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer! 


  1. I felt the same way about our kids... They were just ready

  2. Its really wonderful when kids enjoying with water ,
    I this she had fun days