Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Forgot to do a post yesterday. Didn't do much, woke up around 11 & went to Gary's baseball game in Garrett, MD. Took Dudley with me to keep me company. His team ended up losing & we went and ate at this pizza place with two of his friends after. Gary and I could barely keep our eyes open on the way back so when we got back around 5 we just went to sleep. We ended up waking up at like 10 which made us stay up ALLL night. So me Gary and chels just stayed up watching tv. I finally went to sleep around 4. And then had to wake up at 8 for work :( This was my first weekend in morgantown all summer so i decided to pick up a shift. It was my first time working Sunday in a loooong time. It wasn't too busy so it wasnt too bad. I worked from 9 to about 230 & made about 80$. Gary is working now from 4-9 and i've been doing nothing at all. Just relaxing and doing stuff on the computer. I need to schedule the rest of my classes. After this week Gary and I will be in Virginia Beach visiting his family :D I'm pretty excited. I love vacations lol. This week is also my sugar testing appointment and i'm going to schedule Sophia's 4d ultrasound pictures as well. Sophia has grown so much since the last time i blogged. I'm 26 weeks now and shes a kicker. I see her move ALL the time. Its my favorite. But i'm going to go lay down for a little until Gary calls me to come get him from work. ill try and blog again soon!